Freezer Meals Made Easy


 If you’re ready to start feeling organised and on top of meal times, then this course is for you! Imagine how good it will feel pulling out a ready made meal full of nutritious goodness to feed the family on those nights when you just don’t have the energy or the time to cook

This course is perfect for those who want to get ahead and stock their freezer for the months to come. Maybe you have a newborn baby on the way, an upcoming operation or a sick relative. After filling your freezer with delicious meals you will feel calm, satisfied and have more time to spend doing the things you love with your family!


Learn to fill your freezer and feel organised!   

You will learn how to make seven of my most popular meals that freeze really well, so you know your family will love them. Each recipe is broken down into simple steps with a video, printable PDF recipe card and tips and tricks explaining everything that you need to know about safe freezing, thawing and reheating.

I’ve also created a cook day timeline if you want to make all of the recipes in one day, filling your freezer with 58 delicious portions! Imagine how satisfied you will feel having your freezer full of meals.

For each recipe there are lots of tasty serving suggestions that the whole family will enjoy. No more buying takeaways on those busy nights when you can’t be bothered cooking!

What's in the workbook:

  • Welcome note

  • Shopping list 

  • All the recipes! 

  • Tips and tricks on safe freezing, thawing and reheating

  • Suggested cook day timeline

  • Four week meal planner template

  • Freezer audit checklist

Quick video lessons 

The course is split into ten short video modules. Each recipe has a step-by-step video which explains exactly how to cook it, and how to store and freeze it. 

There are videos on my tips and tricks for grocery shopping on a budget, and how to turn $180 worth of food into 58 portions! I also explain the best containers to use for freezing your meals, along with all the available options. 

Who is your instructor?

Hi, I'm Vanya! I am a Kiwi food blogger and #1 NZ bestselling author of the cookbook Everyday Favourites. I have been sharing my family friendly recipes online for the past six years on social media.

I also host the Cooking with VJ membership where members get a monthly recipe book and share their cooking wins inside our community.

What the course members are saying...


"It feels great to have spent a few hours in the kitchen this morning and know I now have a freezer full of meals: macaroni cheese, a lasagna for a family dinner on Monday, 3x spaghetti bolognese and 5x shredded Mexican Chicken. Just waiting for the pulled pork to finish in the slow cooker….the house smells amazing. Thanks for the Freezer meal course Vanya!"


"I've found the course such a help with my busy life - full time working mum of 2! My first time following along I found that the recipes are easy to follow, and not too time consuming - I made meal bases for over a week's worth of dinners in the space of a morning, I just threw some music on and cooked away, it was really quite fun! The recipes are budget friendly, and best of all the meals are delicious and versatile."


"My family and I rely on homemade freezer meals for most of our meals. We have been getting sick of the same old things so I signed up for the course. The recipes are great and the video tips are really useful. But my favourite part is the timetable and the compiled grocery list which really speeds up the cooking day."

The course content at your fingertips with the Kajabi App 

As well as the full desktop site you can use the Kajabi App to access the course videos and workbook from your phone or iPad. 

This makes it super easy to download the workbook and save it straight to your phone. You can also watch all of the recipe videos while you're cooking in the kitchen!

Why I created the course...  

When my sister Holly (the one with the bump in the pic) was pregnant with her first son, she wanted to get prepared with a freezer of meals. But she couldn't find anything online to help! So that was my initial inspiration for the Freezer Meals Made Easy Course.

Then before the arrival of her second son in February this year, Holly had time to do a cook day with our sister Gem and fill her freezer with all of these meals. My gorgeous nephew Isaac is here now, and Holly has told me "These meals are a lifesaver. It's so great to have dinner ready on those hectic days when you have no energy or time to cook (which is every day with a newborn and toddler!🤣)."

Buy the whole course for less than one family meal of takeaways! 

Freezer Meals Made Easy Course


One Time Payment

  • 10 video modules which show you exactly how to cook the recipes.
  • All of the tips and tricks you need to get started on your freezer meals journey. 
  • The recipe workbook PDF ready to download. 

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